Satellite Teaching + 2 Teacher System

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What will be the Course Timings?

Timings are within the college hours. From 8.30 am to 5.15 pm. The Timetable for the program is: 8.30 am to 2.30 pm (Concept building class in dual teaching system) 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm (Laboratory sessions/Language classes) 4:30pm to 05:15 pm (CET/JEE/NEET)

How does 2-Teacher System Work?

All topics/lessons of PCMB subjects will be taught twice in a day i.e. once by an expert teacher from Bangalore studio using multimedia content, followed by the classroom teacher in the traditional method.

Who teach from studios?

Highly experienced expert faculty from Mangalore, Bangalore, Kota, and Hyderabad - all proven centers of excellence - are appointed to take care of teaching.

What are the benefits when compared to other PU colleges?

  • You get to learn from top faculty
  • Understand concepts easily for PUC (Class XI/XII) & competitive exams
  • Never a dull moment with animation & multimedia
  • Analytics to track your learning progress, to provide you with quicker support
  • One place for all your needs
  • No long trips, no running between classes
  • Additional tuitions not required
  • You save time, no fatigue
  • Very reasonable fee structure
  • I always found Physics difficult to understand. Because of Edutel Advanced Campus I have started liking Physics. Also my overall result improved in final exam.

    Sushma G, Class XII

    Edutel Advanced Campus, Gulbarga
  • I was not confident about how I will face CET. My seniors were saying it is exhausting to go to so many coachings. I get everything at my own college. I am relaxed and focused to ace the test!

    Jatin Sharma, Class XII

    Edutel Advanced Campus, Bangalore