My Pratigna


All of us have dreams, whether or not we can realize them in a short time. There are dreams for us, our family & friends, and some for our community as well. As we plan, work towards and bring these dreams into reality, there is a sense of fulfillment that makes our lives worthwhile.

Every dream is a commitment to better our future life in some manner. Dreams seek convenience & happiness; they are focused on stability and permanence. For instance, a roof over one’s head, a secure future for the children, a clean & peaceful neighborhood, a prosperous & safe nation and so on.

Education is an objective pursued by people from all social backgrounds. It is within the reach for some; it remains a dream for many. However, there is wide agreement that it is necessary. Therefore much of our financial planning efforts are focused on education.

Edutel empathizes with economically challenged students (their families and well-wishers) who feel intensely about the need for higher (or professional) education in order to move up the social ladder and be a meaningful contributor to the nation and the world. Edutel would like to offer a helping hand. Timely assistance with a commitment - that’s “My Pratigna”.


Most professional courses of repute require aspirants to pass an entrance exam. There are well established coaching programs that train students to excel at these entrance exams. Many such coaching programs come with a high price tag; they are conducted at specific locations; the level of personal attention may leave much to be desired. Due to all these reasons, a significant number of students find it difficult to take up professional education. This is where My Pratigna steps in.

When a student registers with My Pratigna program, s/he can choose the field of study and request for assistance. The program will ensure that registered students are admitted to the relevant course by collecting just 10% of the regular coaching fee. This will enable the student to avail superior coaching at their own location, complete with satisfactory doubt clearance and also comprising other valuable guidance to clear the entrance exam comfortably & successfully…. All this at just 10%.


Students availing assistance from My Pratigna need to make a commitment or promise that, after they have completed their education and found employment, they will return the gift of education by financially supporting at least 2 other needy students like themselves to join a course by Edutel through My Pratigna. This commitment is a moral binding and completely voluntary in nature.


As the brainchild of Edutel, MY PRATIGNA will primarily be nurtured by the company as a social initiative. It will also be supported by donors & philanthropists who believe in the cause of furthering education as a powerful tool to ensure a better future for the planet. Finally, it is hoped that the beneficiaries of MY PRATIGNA, who have taken a pledge to educate will take the movement forward in the coming decades.

Edutel hopes that because of MY PRATIGNA, talented & dedicated youngsters need not give up on their dreams for higher education right in the beginning, quoting financial difficulties. They will at least get an opportunity to appear in the competitive exams. When their sincere first step is strengthened by the power of their pledge, the road ahead is smoothened by the resolve.